Visit California were in need of a redesign and overhaul of their Media Center. The remit was to create a modern site that would facilitate all of the needs of the media, alleviate workloads of the small media team and create an outlet for key Visit California marketing materials. It also needed to be done in a cohesive manner, to match the recent redesign of their main industry site.
    As the lead strategist my role started by performing extensive research in the form of a content audit, site analysis, competitor analysis, trend analysis and stakeholder interviews. This was combined with a long-standing relationship with the clients existing digital properties (to ensure a cohesive approach), as well as analysis of SEO, SEM and Google Analytics reporting performed by colleagues.

    The overall strategy was formed to ensure that the needs of both the client and the audience were met, along with an element of future proofing in terms of functionality and predicted market trends (both tourism and media).

    With the strategy in place, my role swapped to a consultative position, working closely with UX team, developers and the Art Director, to aid in the overall creative and production process, as well as presenting updates to the client.