The Wexner Center for the Arts wanted a new responsive website that would integrate with their e-commerce platform, have a clear and easy to use calendar, and adhere to strict user guidelines enforced by The Ohio State University, including, but not limited to ADA compliance.
    As the lead strategist my role began in the research phase, conducting a content audit, site analysis, competitor analysis, trend analysis and stakeholder interviews, along within person workshops. This was combined with SEO, SEM and Google Analytics performed by colleagues.

    It soon became apparent that the brands biggest problem was not that its website was dated, but that it had an awareness problem, particularly with Gen Z and Millennial’s. This lead to extensive market research and the development of a multi tiered persona and activation strategy. We needed to ensure that the site was inclusive of all audiences, its current visitors and the Gen Z/Millennial gap in the market.

    With a firm understanding of what the client wanted, what the audience needed and any existing problems that may need to be addressed, I then created the overall strategy for the project.
    Working closely with the UX team, front and back end developers and the Art Director, we aligned on the most suitable creative and functional direction for the site. At this stage I took on a consultative role to ensure that the all work aligned to the strategic direction of the project and with the client and user needs, this involved extensive work on taxonomy nomenclature and functionality.

    This project involved a high level of client management, a complete overhaul of architecture, content approach, navigation, taxonomy and nomenclature, as well as a careful evolution of the clients culture and approach to marketing.