Spotlight is a social directory of venues and events for table tennis, devised and developed by Abstraktion for the English Table Tennis Association (ETTA), for which I worked as Project Manager.
    The easier something is to do, the more likely someone is to do it, it is human nature! This was the thinking behind Spotlight, putting everything a player or potential player could need behind one Google-esque search bar.
    Starting originally as a venue finder tool, it soon evolved into a package unseen by any other sport’s body, banishing the mundane lists into one fully interactive searchable platform for venues, coaches and events, all tied in with a smattering of Facebook and Twitter!
    Truly Interactive!
    Sport is social, so its resources should reflect this! Spotlight has social media functionality at it’s heart, allowing users to favourite events and locations, find nearby players with similar favourites, as well as embracing viral growth through social broadcasting to Facebook and Twitter.
    The interactivity doesn’t stop there, the user becomes an integral part of Spotlight through the use of crowd sourced data, with players alerting the ETTA of new venues and events, allowing them to take ownership and increase buy in, with the added benefit of reduced staff time and overheads.
    On The Go!
    The responsive layouts used for Spotlight means the user doesn’t have to be housebound to enjoy it. With IOS, Android and Blackberry devices supported, Spotlight is ready whenever you want to play!
    The powerful geo-locative functionality provided by HTML5 ‘s manipulation of wifi-triangulation means where ever the user is they can locate nearby venues.
    Developed For 1, Suitable For All.
    The work produced by between Abstraktion for  the ETTA is based around producing innovative and easy to use solutions for sports NGB’s and their players, to help improve the experience and governance of sport.