Marshall-Tufflex was launching a new flagship product range in the saturated cable management market. This range was to be more aesthetically pleasing than other products that were available and was set to take the company in a new direction.
    My role involved the creation of the products name and branding, the advertising campaign, a viral marketing campaign and the product launch.
    Working from the key words and phrases; flagship, new direction and advanced, the space and exploration concept was developed, which resulted in the name Odyssey and the associated branding.
    Advertising Campaign

    To build on the increasing interest in new product development form Marshall-Tufflex and the strict embargo in pace, I came up with the concept of a teaser and reveal campaign, something that had never been done in the cable management industry.

    Working alongside an advertising agency, I created the brief and developed the creative concept with the agency. I then handled all media buying, placing the two half page teaser adverts as outside right hand pages. Generating increased interest, these adverts created a bigger impact for the two reveal adverts
    Viral Marketing

    To support the reveal adverts, I also produced a viral marketing game based on the classic space invaders game.

    After entering your high score there was the option to challenge a friend and also to request a brochure, as well as having key information in the games sidebars.

    This was initially emailed to a targeted list of architects and specifiers and then left to go viral!
    Product Launch

    Previous product launches had taken place when the market was less saturated and profit margins were higher, these reduced margins resulted in a heavily reduced budget. With previous glitzy launch parties out of the question, the launch involved an alternative approach.
    As bringing a high proportion of the press and specifiers to an event was out of the question, I decided to deliver the product to them! Working alongside a screen printer and designer, we developed a slanted display box that would contain a sample of the new product range and a brochure. These were then delivered to key specifiers, architects and members of the press, bringing the launch to the audience!