Created in order to increase social participation in the sport of table tennis, using the concept of; Ping Pong anytime, anywhere, anyone, the Instant Ping! Pong pack was an offshoot of the Ping! project. 
    Ping! saw tens of thousands of people play on free to use tables placed around high profile public sites in the major cities of the UK.
    The pack consisted of an adjustable roll net, bats, balls and a booklet containing tips and game cards, all packaged up in a printed cotton bag. 
    Acting as project manager, print/product buyer and copywriter, the Instant Ping! Pong pack needed an identity to be created, artwork and content creation for the bag and booklet and website, as well as the print and products to be sourced and purchased. 
    This was supported through social media activities, with tweets and photos pulled through to the website via #instantpingpong, as well as a promotional video.