The creation and sharing of digital and social content for International Mountain Bike Magazine (IMB), in order to grow audience size and interaction.
    IMB use multimedia content distributed through it’s website and social media channels, in order to drive traffic towards its main product, their bi monthly magazine, as well as generating audience interaction.
    Using IMB’s multimedia scanning platform, News Core, I select and schedule video content to be cross published on IMB’s website, Facebook and twitter channels, at key times, in order to maximize the reach across the magazines international readership.
    Along with the video content, I also create image caption posts directly on Facebook, with the sole purpose of generating audience interaction.
    During the initial 5-month period acting as IMB’s online editor, I have been able to grow Facebook likes by 26,885 and have generated a highest post reach of 493,753.
    Video content hosted directly on IMB’s website regularly exceeds 50-100,000 views, with my highest viewed video achieving 30,199,851 views.