Sell to a products strengths, the things that make it stand out from its competitors.

    Formerly known as the Trail Jersey, this range of short and long sleeve jerseys were well made, but at first glance there was nothing to make them really stand out, unless you looked really carefully.

    Rather than a standard polyester, these jerseys were made from coffee, yes the same stuff you have probably drunk too much of today! This unique ingredient was not just a marketing tactic, it aided in the jerseys wicking capabilities and had enhanced odor control, great benefits for a cycling top. With that in mind, I went about rebranding them to make the most out of their unique construction and thus the Espresso Jersey was born.

    This verbal facelift was enough to not only grab the attention of customers, but also the magazines, who had previously shown no interest in reviewing the jerseys:

    “Thanks to it’s magic bean material” said Singletrack magazine in this review (bottom of the page)“It’s actually made of coffee…"
    Out of all the new kit vying for our attention at Eurobike, some less desirable than others, Tenn Outdoors made us really perk up.” said Bike Magic in this review.

    The added exposure, use of playful language and clearly identifying how the product met the needs of the customers, saw sales triple in the first week, and a complete sell out within the month.