Yes I’m Wearing Makeup!
Blog / No Comments / September 29, 2014


    Don’t worry I haven’t made a drastic new lifestyle choice, I’ve been on the magic picture box again!

    I have worked with TV shows for years as a Media Manager for sports events, but just recently I’ve started appearing the other side of the camera for Sky TV, as a cycling expert/correspondent. I’ve been involved in the coverage of the past two Tour de France races and on Sunday I was invited in to be a guest on Sunrise, the Sky News breakfast show.

    The decision of what to wear should be a relatively quick one, especially as half of my wardrobe contains bike company branding, something plainish, comfy and on the casual side of smart casual. Then in steps my fashion designer wife, the decision-making process takes a little longer, but I am now more on trend (apparently)!

    Dressed in autumnal colours and up before the cat (that doesn’t happen very often), it’s time to head to the studio. Being a Sunday the trains are up the creek, so it’s into the car I go and no chance to catch up on my missed sleep.

    Arriving at the studio, it’s time for the glitz and glam of TV, hours and hours of preparation for just a couple of seconds of airtime! Well actually no, not for the guys at Sky. It amazes me how fast and organised the behind the scenes teams are, for my 5 – 10 minutes slots I’m never in the building longer than about 45 minutes (discounting this trip where I was working from the green room afterwards).

    What about going over lines and rehearsing? What about them! Every trip I have had to date has been purely reactive; I guess it’s how Sky News likes to work, to ensure a natural flow. I’m told the subject matter, I arrive, go to makeup, mic up and wait in the green room. Then it’s a case of being walked to the set during an outside broadcast, or advert, sit down and 3, 2, 1 you’re live!

    I’m not sure what it says about me, but the longest part of this process is the makeup, I lie to myself that everyone is in there for that long and it’s just because I’m a little tired!

    There’s no time to get nervous or worry about what you are going to say, it’s nice and relaxed, the informal style of sitting around and having a chat with the presenters works well for me.

    So why was I there? This time I was there to contribute to a news story about vigilante cyclists and the rise in the use of helmet cams by commuters. It seems that I am becoming their go to man for cycling tit bits, having featured as part of their 2013 and 2014 Tour de France coverage.

    Now I have the long agonising wait to receive a copy of the footage that went out live, to see if it went as well as I thought.

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