File Jun 14, 6 31 16 PMSitting here supping on a craft beer, its dawned on me that I am appearing closer and closer to a stereotype! I’m now the wrong side of 30, I have put my extreme exploits of downhill and BMX into the annals of my past and am now spending an increasing amount of time in Lycra, on the road bike and i’ve discovered craft beer!

    Society has coined the phrases mamil (middle aged man in Lycra) and hipster, although thankfully that time frame is still in the future and apart from a few key points, age, skinny jeans and beard (stubble doesn’t count right?) I find myself getting closer and closer to these stereotypes and so do many of my friends!

    File Jun 14, 6 32 15 PMThere is a good reason though and it’s not for social conformity and acceptance, the truth is a lot sader! I’m getting older! I’m not growing up, but my age is increasing and the punishment of my younger days, broken bones, torn ligaments, separated shoulders … you get the idea, are coming back to haunt me! I have the mind of a 12 year old, the joints of a 60 year old, all at the age of 32! I still need my fix, I need those endorphins, the adventure and the freedom only a bike can give, but the gnar has had to be tuned down from 11!

    File Jun 14, 6 33 30 PMConforming to stereotypes… Nope, let’s just say I am stereotype adjacent! I will always be a rider, there will always be moments with air beneath my wheels, mud on my tires and ricocheting over rocks, but with a groan and a creak, there will also be a lot more Lycra and Tarmac. As for the craft beer, that’s just a bonus, that is further encouraged by my new home in America, with Columbus acting as a hot bed of brewing!

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