Not only have the Washington Redskins fallen foul of US Trademark law, but now they have to deal with Eric Cartman as well!

    Comedy Central and the South Park team have put together a piece of responsive marketing gold and the timing couldn’t have been better, airing during the second half of last Sunday’s match between the Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles.

    As long as you aren’t the butt of the joke, responsive marketing can be a great form of proactive marketing and normally a lot more light hearted and topical than your pre scheduled campaigns. Doing it right and not becoming one of many riding the bandwagon is key and in true Cartman style, South Park pulls it off, but what’s next for the NFL team?

    After having their trademarks cancelled by the US Patent and Trademark office, due to negative connotations that may offend, it leaves the team in a precarious situation, they a have a long term well established brand, but with no copyright protection, how much is it really worth?

    Will Dan Snyder stick to his guns, or will they change their name and if so what are their options? Do they pay respect to the heritage that they have now deemed to have offended, continuing growth on their existing brand, albeit with a slight twist, or do they wipe the slate clean? Could a fresh start open up bigger revenue streams, with an external company buying into the franchise, in the same way that Red Bull have with the New York MLS team, the New York Red Bulls?

    Only time will tell.

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